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Daniel Roth

Global Executive Leader with a passion for pushing boundaries and unlocking the full potential of organizations. With over 20 years of experience in executive leadership, predictive data analytics, and strategic project management, I have devoted my career to expanding possibilities and achieving remarkable results.

About Daniel Roth

The Success Story of Daniel Roth

Over the years, I have proven my expertise in strategic sales planning, project management, governance, compliance, and data analytics. My acumen for contractual negotiation, supply chain logistics, and inventory management has contributed to significant revenue growth and business success.

As the Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager at Stavig Industries, LLC, I have had the privilege of leading over 80 team members and overseeing revenue numbers in excess of $35 million. My passion for inclusive leadership and time management skills have allowed me to make a meaningful impact on the organizations I work with.

The Success Story of Daniel Roth
My Portfolio

Here are some highlights from my portfolio

Integration of a $40 Million Acquisition

In 2022, I played a key role in the successful integration of Chicago Steel Container, LLC into Stavig Industries, LLC. This significant acquisition expanded our company’s capabilities and market presence.

Strategic Sales Planning

I have led strategic sales planning efforts, collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve beyond set goals. These initiatives have resulted in substantial revenue growth for the organizations I’ve worked with.

Data Analytics and Operations Innovation

As an expert in data analytics and operations, I have introduced innovative solutions that optimize processes, improve efficiency, and drive bottom-line results.

Supply Chain Logistics

My deep understanding of supply chain logistics has enabled me to streamline operations and enhance product delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and business success.

In my 20+ year career as a global executive leader, I have had the opportunity to work on numerous exciting projects and initiatives.

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